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All of the beauty experts on this page come highly recommended due to their extreme talent and their undeniable commitment to offer premium luxurious treatment to their clients.  As they are part of an industry that usually denies them opportunity we really do appreciate you considering and taking your time to browse through our beauty expert database.

We encourage all members of our community to keep an open mond when it comes to choosing the right makeup artist, beauty therapist or hair stylist for your special occassion.  We understand and embrace your choices for seeking an exclusive black woman for yout next treatment.  Having an expert living the same experience as you enforces the reassurance that they will understand your problem areas and worries as they most likely have the same.  However don’t let that stop you from ordering the same treatments by non women of colour.  Over the last decades many in the industry have taken it upon themselves to learn and improve their offered treatment on women of colour.  As our mission is to raise awareness and increase our inclusivity it would be hypocritical of us to not make such a statement.  We appreciate and acknowledge beauty experts who are very flexible with their knowledge on darker complexion and different hair texture.