About Us





About Us

Who are we?

We are Black British women, who all share the same interests and passion when it comes to beauty. From the deepest skin tone to lighter shades of brown, we come together to bring a change to the beauty scene and represent the modern day woman of colour. Busy. Beautiful. Boundless.

Our mission

As Black British women, we believe it’s important to make our voices heard in the beauty industry. This is why Makeup for Black Women UK has provided a platform to address the beauty needs of Black British women. We’ve seen the major progress our USA counterparts are making, and on our side of the pond we’d love to see the same progression happening.  

What we believe...

As women of colour, it’s a common occurrence that we can be overlooked. When it comes to the beauty industry this is still a major issue. Have you walked into a shop to buy your foundation and realised your shade wasn’t available?

This has happened to us on too many occasions. We believe that all women of colour should be able to easily access beauty products that are tailored to them, regardless of where they shop or which brand they buy from.

Representation within marketing campaigns

Diversity and the needs of dark skin are considered throughout the process from development to production. Use our voices to inform them.

How we work?

We are a community that caters to all Black British beauty needs. Our platform is for those that are complete beginners with beauty products to experts in the industry including professional MUAs and beauty writers.


Our platform is a place to share our beauty tips, tutorials, and discuss our skincare needs. We will also have live video discussions, as well as hold beauty-focused debates and events to learn more about the developments (products, stockists, events, etc.) in the Black British beauty industry.


With such a diverse group of women in the Black British community, we know that our knowledge and feedback is of the utmost value. This is why we will also provide an authentic consumer panel for brands, to ensure that they are hearing our needs and the relevant actions are taking place to make changes.


As much as we seem to find the makeup industry lacking in meeting the needs of women of colour, the skincare industry is no better. Products curated for ethnic skincare are difficult to find if you are not aware of them, so we want to make these more visible. Spots, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, dehydration, and more are all common problems we all face. Finding the right products to treat these issues for women of colour is something we are committed to.

Colour Cosmetics

When it comes to colour cosmetics there are many questions that need answering. Why are most beauty shops not required to cater for all skin tones? Why can’t makeup brands make foundation shades suitable for black skin? Is it too hard for MUAs to carry more than one shade in their kits for dark skin? Are there nude / flesh colour lipsticks suitable for dark skin?


Our platform focuses on answering these types of questions and more, as well as looking for ways to make positive changes.